President Maduro congratulates the people of Dominica on successful election day

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moros, on behalf of the Venezuelan People, congratulates the Commonwealth of Dominica for its successful elections celebrated last December 06, where brother Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, leader of the Dominica Labor Party, was reelected.

Venezuela recognizes the exemplary participation of the people of Dominica in defense of its democracy and national sovereignty, reaching an undisputable victory which ratifies, by an ample majority, the political process of transformation that takes place and is expressed through inclusive policies that promote economic growth, the expansion of social services and the profound reconstruction after the devastating hurricanes of 2017.

On this matter, the civility demonstrated by the People of the Commonwealth of Dominica, neutralizing  with its massive participation during the election the provocations of a political destabilization operation promoted by external and internal factors threatening to alter social tranquility, political stability and the economic recovery of the country, must be underlined.  Clearly, the calls to violence and the intentions of interference failed, and democracy and peace imposed themselves.

Finally, we congratulate the Dominica Labor Party and its leader, compa├▒ero Roosevelt Skerrit, for this unobjectionable popular victory which reaffirms the legitimacy and the growing political and historical leadership that they exercise in the Caribbean region and that has become a reference to all of Our America.

¡Long live the People of the Commonwealth of Dominica! ¡Long live Roosevelt Skerrit!

Caracas, December 7, 2019